Total Hours 200
Contact Hours: 180; 125 Hrs with experienced Yoga Teacher
Group size: minimum 2 persons & Maximum 12 Persons)   

Course Syllabus: 

1. Techniques, Training and Practice: Total 100 Hours

Minimum Contact Hours: 75 hours
Minimum Contact Hours w/ Lead Trainer(s): 50 hours
Prayer: Om chant, Mantra prayer and Chanting
Jogging; Subtle exercise, Dynamic (warm up) exercise, Spinal exercise and Suryanamaskar (Traditional and integrated form both)
Satkarma: Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Nauli, Tratak and Kapalbhati 
Asana (postures): Meditative postures, Relaxing Postures, Balancing Postures, Fitness maintaining Postures, Inverted postures. 
Body Alignment in Yoga 
Yoga safety guidelines
Mudra, Bandha and Pranayama (Breathing Ethics)
Yoga nidra (Yogic Sleep) and Dhyana (Meditation)
Guided Teaching Practice

2. Teaching Methodology: Total 25 Hours
Minimum Contact Hours: 15 hours
Minimum Contact Hours w/ Lead Trainer(s): 10 hours 
Communication skills such as group dynamics, time management, and the establishment of priorities and boundaries
How to address the specific needs of individuals and special populations, to the degree possible in a group setting
Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting
Teaching styles and Qualities of a teacher
The student learning process
Business aspects of teaching yoga (including marketing and legal)

3. Anatomy and Physiology: Total 20 Hours
Minimum Contact Hours: 10 hours
Minimum Contact Hours w/ Lead Trainer(s): 0 hours
Constituents of Human Body: Cells, Tissues, Organs,  Terminologies;
System of Protection and Movement of bones, joints, muscles, Flexibility, Efficiency, Body Alignment,
System of Intake of raw materials and the elimination e.g Digestive, Respiratory, Excretory;
Communication and Immune system-Cardiovascular, Nervous, Endocrine, Lymphatic:
Spiritual anatomy and physiology: Pancha kosa, Chakras, Physical and spiritual Nadis, Kundalini power etc.    

4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: Total 30 hours
Minimum Contact Hours: 20 hours
Minimum Contact Hours w/ Lead Trainer(s): 0 hours
The brief study of yoga philosophies and traditional texts:  Meaning, Definition and History of Yoga, Biography of some yogic  Rishis such as Lord Shiva, Patanjali;
Brief introduction  of  the Yoga Sutras, Hatha  Pradipika and Gherand Samhita;
Forms of yoga: Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Gyana yoga, Dhyana yoga, Mantra yoga, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga.
Yogic Lifestyle: Day Regimen, Night Regimen and Seasonal Regimen
Ethics: Yama (social ethics): eg. Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truthfulness); Asteya (non-stealing), Aparigraha (non-possessiveness), Bhrahmacharya (Celibacy)
Niyama (individual ethics): eg.  Shouch (purification); Santosha (contentment), Tapa (tenacity), Swadhyaya (self study), Ishwor pranidhan (self surrender to god)
Concepts of Dharma and Karma
Yogic Aahara  / Sattvic Food, Rules of healthy food habits
Ethics for yoga teachers, such as those involving teacher – student relationships and community
Understanding the value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others (seva)  

5. Practicum: Total 10 Hours
Minimum Contact Hours: 5 hours
Minimum Contact Hours w/ Lead Trainer(s): 5 hours
Practice teaching as the lead instructor
Receiving and giving feedback
Observing others teaching
Assisting students while someone else is teaching
Remaining Contact Hours and Elective Hours
The remaining Contact Hours (55 hours) and elective hours (15 hours, either contact or non-contact) are to be distributed among the five educational categories, but the hours may be allocated at the discretion of each RYS based on their program’s focus.

Course Fees with inclusive @ USD $1500


  • All food (B+L+D), Water and Herbal Tea)
  • Training Fees
  • Some Therapies as complement 
  • Yoga Book-1, Notebook-1, Pen-1, Jalaneti pot-1, Nepali dress 
  • Pick up/Drop off
  • Volunteer teaching few hours a week in School as your interest

Course Dates: 2018 /19:  

February-1 to 26 March-1 to 26 April-1 to 26
May- 1 to 26 June -1 to 26 August-1 to 26
September-1 to 26 October-1 to 26

November- 1 to 26

December 1 to 26